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Running your own business can be a dream but the nuts and bolts of creating a successful enterprise can be extremely difficult. This holds true for Southern Maryland’s thriving entrepreneur and innovation sector. Southern Maryland is buzzing with nightly networking events being hosted in Calvert County, Charles County, and St. Mary’s County. However, there is a perception of our ecosystem as an insider’s game that can’t be breached. Local entrepreneurs can network themselves to exhaustion without feeling they’ve made any progress

In order to provide better access to information, and in an effort to create a more welcoming business environment, we’ve launched the Conquer Southern Maryland Map of Innovation. This map is a living resource intended to equip Southern Maryland innovators with an informational guide to navigating his or her own journey through entrepreneurship.

We thank the College of Southern Maryland’s Entrepreneur and Innovation Institute for providing the funds and resources to start this project. This map is far from complete and we welcome input from everyone in the community. We need your help in creating and editing content, forging new local partnerships, and finding sponsors so we can stay current with our map of the Southern Maryland Innovation ecosystem.

About Us

The Entrepreneur and Innovation Institute provides a multitude of activities and resources to college students and the general community that promotes successful entrepreneurship and innovation in Southern Maryland.

Director Tommy Luginbill oversees three Advisory Councils on Entrepreneurship and Innovation to better understand how the Southern Maryland region can become a location of choice for entrepreneurs and innovators. The Advisory Councils all suggested creating a guide of resources for entrepreneurs to bring together the many regional assets that are available. The Councils specifically noted a barrier to success is the lack of general information about what is available in the community. He hopes the College can help knock down that barrier.

Major Events

Southern Maryland has numerous organizations that host a wide range of private classes, public programs, speaker series, and MeetUps that are tailored for entrepreneurs and innovators.

Conquer Southern Maryland welcomes you to explore our site to find an event near you.